Many know that UF is one of Uppsala’s best Associations. Unfortunately, there are at least as many who don’t know it. Therefore, there is the public relations department. Or as we say; responsible for the communications!

We ensure that UF is seen and heard in various contexts. This may involve informing about UF-lectures or to hand out flyers and newspapers in different arrangements, such as ”reccemottagningar” (welcoming new students to Uppsala). We try to make use of as many channels of communications as possible. In addition, we ensure that existing members are informed about what is happening in the society. For example through UF’s newsletter sent out every week via e-mail, our Facebook page or website. We handle contacts with other associations in Uppsala and ensure that our events are included in the student newspapers like the Ergo and Recentior!

If you want to help to drive public relations activities forward, contact us or come to one of our meetings!

PR professionals!

Maia Bishop

Hanne Enoksson